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Does any business really need tailored software?


With so many great software products already available why would anyone consider spending money to have software developed specially for their business?

Are the benefits of tailored software so great or is it just a complete waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere?

Instead of paying a company to develope something specially isn't it better and cheaper to use one or more of the many software products already available to automate a business?

Reasonable Questions... Two Answers!

Many of our clients asked these questions before deciding to make an investment and have software written specially for their business and they all eventually decided that it was worth spending the money for the same two reasons.

Reason 1... "You can not be all things to all men"

There are lots of software products available that can be used to automate business, but no one software product does everything unless it has been specially written to do so, which means that a company wishing to automate everything is forced to use more than one peice of software.

Using more than one software product...
1) is time consuming
2) requires a certain level of skill to transfer information between products
3) is open to errors
4) forces users to have to enter information often more than once
5) means having to look in more than one place for information
6) means wasting time entering and retrieving information
7) creates more work than would otherwise be necessary

With tailored software all of the above become unneccessary saving huge amounts of time and resources that can be better spent focusing on the things that earn the company money.

The only real way left to stand out & earn more than your competitors

The way we do business has changed, customers are more and more demanding and competition is tougher than ever before, especially in difficult economic times when customers have access to so much information about prices, products and services available to them it is more important than ever to find ways to offer something better than your competitors.

Gone are the days when you could compete on price or quality alone. With everyone having access to the same products as you it is almost impossible to buy cheaper or pay less than anyone else and if everyone is paying the same and buying the same how on earth can you offer your customers things that your competitors can't?

The only thing that you can do to attract new customers and stop your existing customers from shopping elsewhere is to offer a better, faster, more effiecient, more friendly service... But that takes time and resources!!!

So where do you find more time and more resources than those you are competing against?


You automate as much of your business as possible so you can:
1) Focus more of your time on servicing the needs of your customers.
2) Deal with more customers than your competitors.
3) Spend more time with each customer so your service is more personal.
4) Spend more time looking for new customers.
5) Spend more time on thinking up new ways to entice your customers to buy.
6) Spend more time staying in touch with customers so they remember you are there.
7) Spend more time dreaming up special offers making your customers to buy more often.
8) Concentrate more on marketing and less on administration.

In short, the less time you can spend on things that are unrelated to making money like administration, accounts, paperwork, filing and the storage and retrieval of information and the more time you can focus on income generating activities like sales, marketing, customer service and dealing with customer needs, the more you will stand out from those companies offering the same old same same, the more successful you will be and the more money you will make.

If you are using the same software products as everyone else that do not allow you to automate as many tasks as possible, if you are constantly forced to spend time on activities that could be automated, if you are using diffierent software products for different tasks being forced to duplicate information and enter data more than once, then you are wasting valuable time that could be spent earning money and increasing profits...

If you are not using one peice of software that does everything for you, if you are not able to focus all your time and attention on your customers and their needs then you can not possibly offer them a better, faster, more effiecient, more friendly service than your competitors and it becomes more difficult for you to stand out from the crowd.

If you can't stand out from the crowd and spend more time than your competitors attracting new customers because you are to busy doing things that could have been automated then you have less time to make your business grow and earn more money.

As companies and business owners who appreciate the benefits offered by "software that does exactly what they want in the most effective way possible" know, tailored software is the answer to being able to offer a  better, faster, more effiecient and more friendly service which in turn allows them to compete more effectively, deal with many more customers and become much more successful and profitable than their competitors.

If you truely want to be the most successful company in your market or your area then tailored software is one of the few ways left that you can achieve the status of Number #1, tailored software can be the ace up your sleeve that will make your company stand out from the crowd and drive your sales through the roof.

The only way to spend all your time making money

Reason 2... A new era and a new way of doing business

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