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When ever you need support you can contact us by Skype, by phone, by fax or by email. To get our contact details click on any of the links below

How Support Works

We provide support to our clients in the following ways:

2) By Phone or Skype
You can call us with any problem or question you have and we will do our best to answer your question or solve your problem immediately over the phone.

1) By Email
You can contact by email with questions that you have that are of a non emergency nature or requests for software changes

3) By Phone or Skype & Remote Connection .
Our aim is to resolve your issues as quickly possible, if this can not be acheived by simply talking you through a few steps over the phone we will offer to connect to your computer via the internet using secure software that allows us to take control of your pc and attempt to solve any problems you may be having.

4) On-Site .
In the unlikely event we can not deal with your problems by phone, Skype or remote connection, we will offer to send an engineer to your home or place of work who will attempt to resolve any problems you may be having.

5) Collect & Deliver .
If your problems can not be resolved any other way we will collect your pc from your home or office, resolve any problems and deliver your pc back to your home or office.

How Support Works

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