Support Options

When ever you need support you can contact us by Skype, by phone, by fax or by email. To get our contact details click on any of the links below

Support Costs

As all our support contracts are tailored to fit your needs precisely the costs of our contracts are determined by individual needs and business requirements.

How Support Works

Support Contracts

Support Costs

Everything else is based on our standard per minute charge of £1.25 regardless. Support, help, training, tailoring, troubleshooting, networking or maintenance is all charged at the same £1.25 per minute

For Example:

30 Minute Training session @ £1.25 per minute


60 Minute Training session @ £1.25 per minute


15 Minute Support call @ £1.25 per minute


05 Minute Remote access support @ £1.25 per minute


No confusion, No squabbling, No fine lines, No grey area, No catches and No small print... Just straight forward honest pricing, so we can service your needs and you can get on with your business