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When ever you need support you can contact us by Skype, by phone, by fax or by email. To get our contact details click on any of the links below

Support Contracts

We offer fully inclusive support contracts that give you peace of mind, keeping your IT costs to a minimum, providing you with all the support you will ever need for a low "fixed" monthly cost.

How Support Works

Support Contracts

Support Costs

Our contracts are individually tailored to fit your needs precisely so you never pay for something you don't need or don't use.

Each contract is all inclusive so you never have to pay any more than the fixed monthly contract fee.

We know how annoying automated systems are and we hate them too, our contracts give you access to us by phone or Skype so you can talk to us in person.

To help you with your cash flow our contracts are paid monthly in advance giving you the ability to spread the cost over the year instead of having to pay everything in one go.

You can pick and mix allowing you to choose exactly what you want included in your support contract from the comprehensive range of services listed below:

■   PC Maintenance
■   Server Maintenance

■   Network Maintenance
■   Software Support
■   Software Training
■   Software Tailoring
■   Software Upgrades
■   Off Site Data Back Up

Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will create an affordable contract for you that covers all your needs and requirements for a low "fixed" monthly fee

Every contract we provide gives you constant access to our helpdesk by phone or by Skype, so you always have someone to talk to when problems arise