The Biggest Secret to Business Success

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that the majority of companies in any one industry don't make any real money when a select few companies seem to grow effortlessly, making their owners a fortune in the process?

Did you ever sit down and wonder just what it would take for you to turn your business into one of those successful companies that go from strength to strength no matter what the economy is doing and no matter what time of year it is?

Well you are about to find out exactly why it is that while most companies are living on their overdrafts barely capable of turning a profit and others make just enough to pay their bills, there are a select few companies in almost every industry that continue to make a huge profits month on month, even in today's economic global recession.

Ever wondered why only very few companies ever succeed in spectacular ways...

The Number 1 reason why your business is NOT growing

Most people in business today have become so caught up in their day to day activities that they have lost sight of what's really important to keep the business alive and growing.

Failing to realise that they are spending far too much time and effort on stuff that is not actually generating any money, they start confusing activity with productivity, running around like a headless chicken dealing with everything else except those things that actually help the business grow.

How many times have you finished work, tired, exhausted and frustrated that there just weren't enough hours in the day to get everything done?

How often are do you have to sacrifice time with your family in order to work late or take work home with you just to keep up with paperwork and office stuff that doesn't turn to profit?

The 3 things that deserve your attention

How many ways are there to grow your business... 10, 50, 100 maybe?

Well the good news is there are only 3 ways to grow your business
1) Make more money per sale, increasing your profits.
2) Increase the number of times existing customers buy from you.
3) Increase the number of customers you have.

That's it, it really is that simple!!!

So how much time are you (or any staff you employ) really spending on these 3 areas of your business?

If you are busy with anything else that is not directly linked to these 3 areas then you too are confusing activity with productivity and any time you spend on other things is just not going to grow your business, your profits or your success.

The truth is that sticking your head in the sand and just hoping that these 3 key areas of business will take care of themselves will not make your business grow or your profits increase.

Where do successful companies find the time and the resources?

The answer to this question is quite simple.

Automation & Outsourcing.

These companies become successful because instead of just buying a computer and then using it just to produce invoices and write letters, they use their computers with proper business software which helps them automate many activities that regular accounting software and word documents can not automate.

They realise that the more tasks they can automate, the less time they spend tied up doing things that do not turn a profit and the more time they can spend talking to and servicing their existing customers, attracting new customers, building their business and increasing their profits.

Successful companies also understand that it is almost always more expensive and less cost effective for them to deal with certain tasks themselves, when their valuable time could be spent on activities that generate profits for the business.

Successful companies are quick to realise that far from costing more money, it actually costs them less money to outsource things like bookkeeping, computer maintenance and software maintenance, leaving them free to focus on the things that really matter like dealing with their existing customers, attracting new customers, building their business and increasing their profits.

There are specialist bookkeeping companies that will deal with all your paperwork and accounting issues for you for as little as £8.00 per day. These companies will actively chase customers who owe money, deal with VAT calculations and VAT Returns, undertake banking tasks such as depositing of cheques and payments for suppliers, take calls from suppliers chasing for money, file and store invoices and paperwork as well as provide easy to understand reports on a weekly basis so that you know exactly what is going on with your finances, who owes you money, when they were last chased, how much you have in the bank and who you owe money to and when it comes to providing information for your accountant they do that too.

It's like having your very own accounts department doing all the donkey work for you, so you don't have to worry about offices space, staff, salaries, holiday pay or sick leave. Every week you simply throw all your paperwork in to one envelope, post it to them and forget about it and all for around £8.00 per day.

What could be easier or cheaper than that?

Just as there are specialist bookkeeping companies there are companies like us who specialise in looking after computers, software and all your other IT requirements, so when you run in to problems all it takes is one phone call to us and we can have you up and running again within minutes. Most of the time we don't even need to send an engineer to your place of work.

The major benfits of dealing with us however is that unlike the majority of other IT providers we will provide you with excellent business and accounting software absolutely free of charge so you can save time by automating your business properly without even having to purchase the software.

We also take a very pro active approach to training so we can make sure you are getting the most out of the software and unlike many other companies we can make changes to the software so you can automate virtually every part of your business leaving you free do deal with what's important, Making Money

One of the only true ways left to compete

Almost everyone you compete with in business has the same access to goods and services that you do, your competitors will be able to pay the same for their products as you pay for your products, they will pay the same delivery cost as you, they will have the same overheads as you have, they will give the same credit terms to their customers as you give to your customers, they will be able to buy the same products for their customers as you can buy for your customers and they will probably be buying these products at the same price as you are buying your products for.

So how can you offer customers a better deal than those companies you are competing against in order to attract more customers than your competitors and become more successful than they are without losing money or making less profits?

One of the only ways left to be more competative and therefore more successful than your competitors is to offer a far better service than they can offer and be in a position to deal with more customers than can deal with.

One of the cheapest and best ways to do this is to free up as much time as possible so you and any staff you have can concentrate all your efforts on the things that earn you money, matter the most and help your business grow i.e.your customers.

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly!!!

The things you do every day fall in to 3 main categories...

The Good - these are activities that actually earn you money and these are the things that successful companies concentrate the majority of their efforts on. This list consists of activities such as marketing, sales, spending time actually talking to customers and giving them a very personal service, contacting old customers who haven't purchased anything for some time, creating special offers and promotions that bring in new customers and make existing customers want to buy more of whatever it is that you sell whether it be goods or services.

The Bad - these are activities that don't earn you any money, like writing invoices, filing paperwork and other information, looking for contact details, talking to suppliers about products and prices, chasing suppliers for delivery of goods that you have ordered.

The Downright Ugly - these are activities that not only don't earn you any money but they also cost you money because the time you spend doing them could be used to deal with more customers. These activities include: doing your VAT, chasing customers who are late paying their invoices, producing customer statements, answering calls from suppliers chasing you for money, spending time getting your paperwork ready for your accountant, trying to keep track of your cashflow etc. etc. etc.

So before wasting money on software that you don't need and you probably won't use, let us show you how to get the most from our free Business & Accounting Software so you can automate your business properly and spend more time focusing on what is really important... Your customers.

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